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    LA The calm before the storm

    For some time, it has become a bit quieter around me. This was because I retired from racing after the Sempachersee Duathlon, in order to force the training again. Now almost a race-free month has passed. Time to review the last few weeks.

    Healthy Mix

    To my surprise, countless running and cycling kilometers shaped my previous weeks of training. My trainer and I focused on increasing the size to lay the foundation for the final half of the season. Long bike rides and long runs were not uncommon. However, the longer units were also paired with some short and fast train and time train training. Intervals were not too short. We also paid a lot of attention to the change training. In addition, I completed the Powerman-route both by bike and on foot, to already tune in on my Short Distance Duathlon on 04.09.2016 and prepare optimally.


    Why I love this sport so much was once again served on the silver tray: explore new places and streets, climb summits, master descents, feel the thighs burning, feel the sweat of effort, perceive the heightened heartbeat, the drafts breathe in, fight the wind, absorb the beauty of the landscape, hear the sound of birdsong, fight duels with some men, release steam, conquer self-doubts, work on construction sites, foster strengths and happiness, these things healthy, alert and experienced injury-free. I do not need millions in the account. Rather, it is the little things in life that make life so worth living and unique. Sharing one's own joy and craziness in the movement with people who tick as much as you do is the icing on the cake.

    The rollercoaster of health

    After two appealing weeks of training it had happened again around me. I noticed immediately that something was happening. For me, a cold starts for the most part with throat / throat complaints. Already the 3rd time within 6 months I was injured. There are only two things for an athlete. Either retract the training but continue to train or completely cure and not burden the body even more with training. I learned from my athletic years. As soon as I realize that something is wrong with me, a training cut is made. The body already has enough to do to fight the disease. With sports, stress and training you stress your entire immune system in addition and the viruses spread even more throughout the body. Pfeiffer's glandular fever sends its regards. What makes it easier to keep training and weakened the trainings instead of giving complete rest and re-entering the training routine with new forces. Many athletes are afraid that their form is gone by a training break. That raises the question: Did you ever wonder why you were injured? My answer is: Because your body is not a machine and can and should respond to a variety of influences. The reason why I often had colds this year was because I am only in my second year of stamina, and the body, the immune system and all other processes need some time to adapt. This will be very clear to me this year. It is always annoying for a short duration to be thrown out of the training rhythm, but the body signals when it gets too much.

    Advance view

    Next weekend I will be at the starting line both on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is the Urner Duathlon, who promises a fast race again. On Sunday I will do my best at a regional running competition. This double start serves as a test of endurance and at the same time as a good preparation for the Powerman Zofingen.

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