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    Before it comes to the turn of the year and I will greet the New Year with momentum, I would like to thank my sponsors and my trainer for the past year. Until the last missing piece of the puzzle, crossing the finish line, completes the puzzle, it is first shaped by many factors, influencing factors, encounters, people and supports. Continuity is the key to success.


    A big thank you goes to the north to the entire Danish GripGrab team. You are just great. In the meantime, I already belong to the GripGrab Local Hero Team for the second year. Two years in which I was able to enjoy the fullest support and trust. You make everything imaginable possible, so that the products arrive punctually and smoothly with me in Switzerland. I have the right answer to every weather with your high-quality bike and running products. As soon as a GripGrab product clings to my body, it fills me with pride and makes me radiate. The fact that we will continue our cooperation in 2017 is more than a lottery for me in the lottery.


    At the start line I will also be in the new year for the team Zoot Tri Europe. Zoot is not only my sponsor, but also connects individualists from different countries to a sports family. True to our motto "One Team. One Goal. One Passion", we will continue to live together in 2017 in all its variations and facets and share unforgettable moments with each other. Thank you Zoot for always making sure I'm equipped with high end products. The great and colorful clothing creations make my heart beat faster.


    Ivo, you've made me a machine that is second to none. That's exactly what I want to thank you for. Your work was reflected in my year's cycling performance. The bike is perfect for me right now, and from training to training, the bond between the bike and me gets even stronger. Thank you, that you always find an open ear for me and that you continuously receive my zoo clothes. As soon as I set foot in the sports park, I feel welcome and during my stay very well. I am pleased that you and the sports park 2017 will be at my side.


    Lee Sport is my address for nutritional supplement questions and answers. Dan, thank you for your always open, honest and heartfelt nature. Not only do you convince with your enormous expertise, you have been a huge support to me for over two years. I feel in good hands with Lee Sport. Thank you for your advisory tips and your tireless dedicated help. Lee Sport products in combination with my daily training is the dream combination, makes me stronger and brings me on and on.

    Royal Bay

    Royal Bay products are the ultimate in compression sports products. Thank you, George, for your trust and your on-going support. My enthusiasm is unbroken. Wearing stockings and calf covers is a pleasure. I appreciate your quality to a great extent. I am pleased to represent Royal Bay 2017.


    Mom, dad and brother are my most loyal supporters. They are my home and my safe haven in all circumstances. Together, we've mastered an incredible number of mountains and valleys together, which welds our "we" together into an unbreakable inner band.

    Last but not least

    Melanie Hauss, you've been with me since the first shaky beginnings in endurance sports. You open a new athletic way for me, plan my training and competition year in detail, optimize my weekly structure and are always available for me. You will always find the right words and interact positively with me with your consciously chosen speech. Having found you as a coach is an absolute hit. Our professional and goal-oriented cooperation is the basis for a successful trainer-athlete-team. Thank you for the path you have taken with me to this day.

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