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    At the right time I took a short break. It should be August. For personal and sporting reasons, I moved back to my favorite island of Gran Canaria. With the knowledge that I had a successful apprenticeship in my pocket and secured my entry into the profession, I left relaxed and with great joy at the beginning of August.

    Seaside Sandy Beach

    Before I talk about my sporting experiences, I would first of all mention the Sandy Beach Hotel, where I stayed during my stays. In order to be able to call performance in training, the general conditions must be right. That's exactly what the hotel allowed me to do. After hard training sessions, I was always able to recharge the batteries with rich and delicious meals and delicacies. The room offered me after a strenuous day optimum comfort for rest and sleep. I felt very well and in very good hands. All the employees I have met so far contributed to this. I met and always experienced friendliness, warmth, open-mindedness and support. The performance of the entire Seaside Sandy Beach team I appreciate. The team worked hand in hand and always let my stay become a pleasure. During my time at the Sandy Beach Hotel I lacked nothing. I can only recommend the hotel. A top address for training camp stays or just to take a break from everyday life.

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    Right at the hotel there is a bicycle station called "Free Motion" for cyclists. Bicycles can be rented, and weekly guided road bike and / or mountain bike tours can be booked. Due to its own workshop, the Free Motion Team helps at any time in case of technical problems.

    Training days

    Initial concerns that August would be too hot for training were dashed with the first session. The external conditions were perfect. I benefited from 23 sunny days with temperatures between 28 - 38 degrees. The heat was to endure as permanent wind was blowing. Thus, nothing stood in the way of high-quality wheel units. My mum, who always demanded me and that one or two percent more tickled out of me, also contributed to that. It was great to experience many hours of cycling together and to push each other. The focus was on intensive two to three hour exits. The Sunday always consisted of a long basic endurance unit. I usually started my days with a running workout. Running in the sand not only contributed to a top foot stabilization, but also increased the strength in the thighs. The morning magical atmosphere gave the unique feeling of freedom, and thus put some hard oneness away. Not far from the hotel, there is a saltwater pool. There I completed loose technic-stressed swimming units. Two strength training sessions were not missing during a training week. This, on the one hand, to strengthen tendons, ligaments and muscles and, on the other, to set a different training stimulus. My trainer and I found an optimal mix between all training content and intensities. I completed every single unit as desired. Every day I felt that body and mind were receptive to the highest degree, because I had nothing to consider and experienced the moment of sport. Unbelievable what the human body is capable of doing.

    The perfect August

    The time on Gran Canaria was a complete success. I look back on an intense time. Every single day leaves its own special story. My daily sunrise runs right on the Atlantic Ocean were a dream. Sunset walks are memories that stay. I am grateful to have met many new people. Every new encounter is an enrichment of my life. Also, I am happy that I returned from every bike ride healthy, happy and well and was able to pull through every injury training. Thanks to Zoot, GripGrab, Royal Bay and Sportpark Aare Rhein AG, who always equip me with top material. If the wheel rolls better than the other cyclist's wheel ... if one is admired by other cyclists, then I did not do anything right, but my loyal sponsors, who drive me fast and make me look good. Thank you!
    During my training, I provided Lee-Sport products. Energy Gels, Isotonic Energy Plus and BCAA Instant were among my daily companions. Thank you for your untiring support.

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