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    At 11:15 am I set off for a 1:30 hour endurance run along the Aare (a small river in Switzerland). I love these winter runs when it's cold but dry, the breath rises as a wafer-thin white little cloud and with every step a rustle of foliage-covered forest soil sounds. During my run over hill and dale, runner happiness overwhelmed me, which was second to none. I felt at home right now because of my current physical fitness and because I can walk easily, without pain.

    My essential something

    This gave me the impetus to write a short article about a supposedly unimportant garment. This product contributes a great deal to my well-being during running and cycling. Today is the right time to name this so essential and irreplaceable something. These are cycling and running socks, which form the connection between shoe and foot. It is not about any socks, but very special developed by GripGrab socks with the words "FOOT LOVE", which make his name to honor. My feet are exposed to daily stress only by their own body weight. If sportive activities are added, my feet have to perform at their best. For the past two years, I have been receiving tireless support and trust from Grib Grab, allowing me to experience countless training kilometers and every competition in "FOOT LOVE" (Classic No Show Sock, Classic Low Cut Sock, Classic Regular Cut Sock) The GripGrab socks nestle seamlessly against my feet, do not suck fully, but quickly wick moisture away and keep your feet dry. During longer exposure times, I do not get the feeling that the socks start to slip on my feet nor lose stability. It is exactly this sock that makes every meter, every step, every second of my running or my bike ride a pleasure. If I receive daily such positive feedback from my feet, then the manufacturer has done a great job.


    Trust in the socks of GripGrab. "FOOT LOVE" is available in different heel heights and is your perfect companion for both the spring/summer– and autumn/winter months. Protect and take care of your feet. They will thank you in some way.

    In diesem Sinne


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