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    My name is Linda Achtel, born in September 1991 (Germany) and raised in the federal state of Thüringen.

    Hello and welcome to my blog!

    Since May 2008 I live with my family in Switzerland. Even in my childhood, the love for movement was a sign. It all started at the age of 6 with cross-country skiing in WSV Bad Lobenstein. When I was at my first Circle championships in the athletics at the age of 8 years and successful competitions ended, already started a sports life at this time. 2003 (12 years young) I switched to the sport gymnasium Jena. During 4 years I was able to train under professional conditions. I was always able to combine school and sport perfectly.

    At the age of 16, I moved to Switzerland for family reasons. Between 2008 and 2011 I visited the sport class of the old cantonal school in Aarau Here, too, I could ideally combine school and competitive sports. After that, I focused only 1.5 years on the training and the sport and hoped for the next leap in performance.

    As an athlete, I had a terrific time. Highs and lows, defeats and victories, countless unique, emotional, unforgettable training lessons, competitions, experiences and moments I have experienced with the athletics. Nonetheless, if you spend more effort than ultimately come out as a positive return in the form of performance improvement, then you should be realistic and not "run after" what is not possible.

    After long conversations with my family, as well as other people of my confidence and after intensive self-reflection, I decided in February 2014 to switch to endurance sports (duathlon / triathlon). Why just the duathlon? I love the endurance sport and I love to cycle for hours on the bike through the countryside. In addition, the endurance sport (bike / run) is pretty good for me.
    In addition to the countless cycling and running kilometers, which determine my life, I have been completing a 4-year training course in Mediamatics since August 2013, during which I receive optimal professional support and athletic support. Mediamatik is a combination of computer science and KV. What else should be known about me, that I work in all areas of life purposeful, ambitious, disciplined and focused, in order to get closer to my goals, dreams and projects. In addition to my work, school and sports life I train since 2011 young footballers of FC Aarau in coordination, running and sprint. This is a nice change to my own training as I act as a trainer and experience the athlete from a different perspective. This work is immensely fun and enjoyable, and I like to work with the "boys" On my blog, I will report on my way to the duathlon sport and document how the balancing act between career and competitive sports, but also hobbies, can be mastered. The blog is to be refined with numerous pictures and thoughts and feelings that accompany me during training and competitions.

    My goal is to inspire people who have not yet found and discovered access to the movement through my love of sports and the way I capture my contributions.

    Interested readers should be informed on my blog about my sport life, but at the same time also be animated and motivated, that each of his personal small and / or big goals sooner and / or later by discipline, ambition, continuity, passion, joy and fun can. I'm happy about every reader who accompanies me on my special journey!


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